Los Mochis is a well known place for

duck and dove hunting.


You will be able to  find more than 13 different species of ducks like:

pintail, pichihuila, green winged teal, blue winged teal,

cinnamon teal, widgeon, mexican tree duck, red head,

mexican mottled duck etc and  the white wing and mourning dove.

Sinaloa┬┤s game regulation provide a long season.

Hunting season will start in Novenber 1st 2016 and ends in March 20, 2017.



Our package includes:




All transfers from/to Los Mochis International Airport and

to all hunts, airboats and blinds for duck hunts, bird retrieval,

bird boy for dove hunts, 5 star hotel at Best Western

(double occupancy), all breakfast, complimentary beer,

soft drinks and ice in the field




For more information contact:

Alejandra Alcaraz

(915) 288-8535

Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico